Kali Parmley is the Editor-in-Chief of GUN DOG magazine and Backcountry Hunter magazine. Growing up in rural Ohio, Kali was an avid outdoor enthusiast, spending countless hours in the saddle and camping along the trail with her horse, and watching her Grandfather raise and train English setters. In her early 20s, she furthered her love of the outdoors and began her hunting career.


Kali has become an avid big game and bird hunter, focusing on do-it-yourself hunts on public land. After training her own Labrador retriever, Lincoln, to hunt birds alongside her, Kali now travels across the U.S. doing what she loves: chasing wild animals in wild places.


Kali has worked in the hunting industry since 2011 and has since found a love and passion for creative and informative writing and creating visually appealing works. Kali holds a photography and journalism degree and her love for writing, photography, and videography has led her to work diligently to further her skills to ensure quality publications.